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4 Types of Keyword Intent

4 Types of Keyword Intent

 Navigational Keyword Intent

Navigational keywords are used when the searcher wants to get to a specific page or website.

In this case, the user typically knows exactly what they’re looking for.

Here are some examples:


Facebook login

Amazon shipping policy

Semrush keyword overview tool

Mama’s little bakery chicago address


Informational Keyword Intent

People use informational keywords when they want to learn something new.

These keywords can come in the form of questions and start with:

What is

How to

Where is


 Commercial Keyword Intent

People use keywords with commercial intent when they’re doing research before making a purchase.

The user isn’t ready to make a purchase just yet.

They need a little more information before hitting that “buy” button. Which is why commercial keywords are often branded.

Here are some examples of branded commercial keywords:

Macbook pro vs macbook air

HARO alternatives

Semrush reviews


Transactional Keyword Intent

People who use transactional keywords are ready to make a purchase. Or subscribe to your services.

Let’s have a look at a list of buyer intent keywords:

Semrush promo code

Buy audi tt

Italian restaurants near me

What Are Question Keywords

What Are Question Keywords



Question keywords are specific phrases or questions that users enter into search engines when searching for information or solutions. They usually start with words, such as "what," "why," "how," "where," or "when." Including question keywords in your website content is crucial since they can help enhance your search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic. By dealing with common queries that users have related to your products or services, you can provide valuable information and position your website as a reliable source of answers. This can result in increased visibility, credibility, and finally, more conversions or interactions with your website.

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